Things to know:

  1. Adding a person automatically orders a physical card (this takes up to 14 business days)
  2.  When you add a person, it Does Not give them access to the system. It orders their physical card and gives you the option to send them an on-boarding invite. 
  3. Giving someone access as an Admin makes it possible for them to do anything within the web or mobile app. They will have the ability to add/delete people, create budgets, view all transactions, etc. 
  4. When adding people, the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields will be what appears on their physical card. The "Display Name" field can be anything you want. 
  5. After adding a person, you may send them an invitation (valid for 48 hours) that will allow them to download the mobile app and set up their username and password. Most people wait to send this invitation until after the person who was added has a basic knowledge of Divvy. 

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