Customer categories are a great way to further track your expenses and be able to upload into your accounting software. 

To change the pre-generated categories follow these simple steps. 

  1. Select settings 
  2. Click on the top line under "custom fields." 

3. For your required field, you can now name it something of your own choose other than "category."

4. Under "Option settings*" you can choose which categories you have as options. This is also where you can delete the pre-generated categories that we do offer. Do update the categories click on the drop down menu.

5. To delete an a field you no longer need, click on the X to the fair right side. If you need to add a new field, just type that new category name in the text box and press enter. 

You can also bulk add items as well. You just need to choose what you will be using to separate each entry. This is useful if you have a list already written out and you just need to copy and paste it over. 

After you have added your options and save your changes, head over to your transaction page and start applying your new categories to your transactions. 

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