To make someone a budget owner can easily be done but how to do this will depend on if this person is a member of a budget already. 

If new budget owner is already a member of the budget.
Once in budget select people, then select the person name, and click on the purple circle with three white dates. This will give you the option to make this person a budget owner

If new budget owner is not part of the budget.
Once in the budget select people, add person button, search the person's name, click next. This will give you the option there to make a person a budget owner or not. 

To remove someone as a budget owner.
When you are in the people section, click on the persons name. In the top right of the menu that slides over you have a purple circle that you can click on. Once you click on there, you will be able to remove that person from the budget or you can "make member."  Removing them as a budget owner will not delete their virtual cards they have that are directly attached to the budget. 

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