Follow these steps to set up you Divvy Authenticator

Before we get started make sure your computer and phone are set to the same time. If they are off by a minute or more you won't be able to authorize your device. 

  • Start with the Divvy web application and log in using your Divvy account email and password. (
  • Download the Divvy app ( iOS, Android) and login with your Divvy account credentials
  • Navigate to the “more” tab on the bottom right of the screen:
  • Select the “Divvy authenticator” option under settings: 
  • Tap "authorize this device" to send an email with authenticator confirmation instructions.
  • Check your email inbox and you will have an email from "mfa" with the  subject titled "New Multi-Factor Authentication Device for Divvy."
  • Open the email and ensure your mobile device is listed in the first paragraph of the email as the device that is requesting authorization
  • Click the "authorize this device" button to allow your mobile device to use the Divvy authenticator
  • Head back to the Divvy mobile application and navigate to the Divvy authenticator page again.
  • You should now see a 6-digit code on your mobile device:
  • Enter the 6 digit code into the authentication page in your web browser
  • You should now be logged in and authenticated on the Divvy web application

This authentication code needs to be entered every 30 days or on every new desktop device you use to sign into the Divvy web application.

You should only need to authorize your mobile device once unless you reset the Divvy authenticator in the mobile application or if you get a new mobile device.

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