Tip: Remember that adding a person automatically orders their physical Divvy card. For more tips follow this link.

1. Log in to Divvy and navigate to the "People" tab from the navigation bar:

2. Select the "ADD PEOPLE" button located in the upper right hand corner:

3. Fill out the person's info:

4. Decide whether or not you want this person to be an Admin. You can always add or remove admin status at a later time. Once you are ready to create the user, select “ADD PERSON.” 

Keep in mind, an e-mail that has already been used to create a Divvy account cannot be used again. Each Divvy account needs a unique email address. 

5. This person's physical Divvy card will automatically be ordered. The new user's card will arrive in up to 14 business days. (If you need to expedite the card or you need a different shipping address for a card, please let us know through our chat system. We must have this request by 12:00 pm MST the same day you have created this user.)

6. When you have completed adding this user, don't forget to send them an invite so they can create a password and log into Divvy. 

Now that you have someone added to the divvy system you can add them to a budget and assign them funds. This will allow them to spend on their physical card or through a member virtual card. 

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