Tip: Remember that adding a person automatically orders their physical Divvy card. For more tips follow this link.

Who should be added to Divvy?

An easy rule of thumb to remember: If your employees will ever spend money or submit reimbursements, they should be added to Divvy.

You can add as many employees as you would like! Remember, you get to control if and when they spend. You’ll do this by assigning different roles—Administrator, Budget Owner, or Member—depending on how much access employees will need. Learn more about the roles in Divvy here.

How to add people in Divvy:

Only admins can add people in Divvy.

1. Select People from the left menu.

2. Click 'Add Person' in the upper right-hand corner.

3. When the Add person window opens, fill out the person's information.

Please note that an email is a unique field and cannot be used again if it is already in use in Divvy.

4. Check the box if the person being added is an Administrator.

You can add or remove the administrator role at a later time.

5. Check the box if you would like to 'Send an invitation now' to the person being added:

Sending an invitation allows a person to set their password and access their account in Divvy. See the Inviting People to Set Passwords article for more information.

6. Click 'Add person'.

When you add a person they will be automatically assigned a physical card that will be shipped to your company’s mailing address in 10-14 business days. If you want to create a person without creating a physical card or would like to specify an alternate mailing address, please contact Divvy Support for assistance.

That’s it! Now that a person has been added, you can add them to a budget and assign them funds so they can start spending on physical and virtual cards.

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