As an admin, you can easily make changes to a budget, including budget limits and buffers, expiration dates, and shared fund settings.

Note: You cannot edit a budget's interval settings.

Learn how to retire a budget.


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  1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Budgets link.

Open Budget

2. Click the name of the budget you want to edit [1]. To search for a budget, enter the budget name in the Search field [2].

Select Budget

3. Click the Options icon [1]. Then click the Edit budget settings option [2].

Note: If you do not see the option to edit budget settings, you do not have the required permissions to edit your budget.

Edit Budget Settings

4. You can edit the budget's name [1], limit for current interval [2], buffer for current interval [3], recurring limit [4], recurring buffer [5], and expiration date [6]. You can also edit the settings for shared funds [7] and automatically adding people when they are added to Divvy [8].

Note: You cannot edit the budget interval.

Edit Budget Settings

5. To save changes to your budget, click the Save Changes button.


  1. In the Mobile Navigation Menu, tap the More link.

More Link

2. Tap the Budgets link.

Open Budgets

3. Tap the budget you want to edit.

Select Budget

4. Tap the Options icon [1]. To begin editing your budget, tap the Edit budget link [2].

Note: If you do not see the option to edit a budget, you do not have the required permissions.

Edit Budget Option

5. To edit the current interval's limit or buffer, tap the Limit field [1]. To edit the recurring limit or buffer, tap the Recurring Limit field [2]. You can also edit the expiration date [3] and shared fund settings [4].

To manage the ability for budget members to send funds within a budget without owner approval, tap the Transfer Funds field [5].

To automatically add new people to this budget, tap the Auto-add people toggle button [6].

To save your changes, click the Save link [7].

Edit Budget - Mobile

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