Transactions show up as soon as a merchant processes your Divvy card. Depending on the merchant this can mean a few different things. 

In-person transactions: A transaction can show up as soon as the card is swiped, though there are a few exceptions to this. Merchants such as restaurants, car rental companies, hotels, airlines, and various other merchants will often take a few days before they fully process your card. You can see a pending charge come through in place of the full amount in some of these cases.

Online transactions: An online vendor can process your card instantly or they may wait until your product has shipped. This means that it may take a few days for the transaction to show up in Divvy.

Transactions are viewable from the transactions page on the web app or under activity on the mobile app.

Transactions will come through the Divvy web app and it will also show in the mobile app of the person who made the purchase and prompt them to categorize their purchase. 

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