There are generally 3 common reasons why your card may get declined. 

  1. Your card doesn't have enough funds available to it.
  2. You may have entered an incorrect billing address.
  3. The CVC code entered is incorrect (this is the three digit code on the back.)

Let's dig into these a little bit more.

The 1st reason, not having enough funds available, is the most common problem that we see. In order to spend money with your Divvy card, you must first either be sent funds or request funds from your budget owner. To check if this is the issue, login to your mobile app and tap on spend, here you can see the funds available to you. If you did not have enough funds at the time of purchase, you can certainly request additional funds and/or talk to your budget owner or account admin. If it's a virtual card that was created from Divvy on the web you'll need to login into the web app and check the budget to make sure it has enough funds available or if the card limit is high enough to cover the expense.

The 2nd reason, incorrectly entering your billing address, can be checked by logging into the mobile app, navigating to settings by tapping your picture icon in the top right corner and then choosing "Manage physical card". Here you can see the billing address for your card, this is the same for both physical and virtual cards.

The 3rd reason, entering an incorrect CVC code. This is the three digit code on the back of your card. Whether you are using a physical or virtual card make sure you double check this to make sure you entered it correctly.

If you still have questions about your card getting declined, reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. From the mobile app go to the settings and choose "Ask us a question", or from the web use the purple chat button.

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