Your Divvy card may decline when attempting transactions. This article outlines some of the reasons why your card might decline and how you can troubleshoot the issue to start spending again as quickly as possible.

In some cases, a transaction may be approved by Divvy but declined by the merchant. A transaction declined by a merchant may display as a pending transaction and/or display a reversal of funds. For these transactions, you may want to attempt the transaction on a different virtual card or contact the merchant directly to have them manually attempt the transaction again.

Find Transaction Declines

Web Browser

  1. Click the Transactions link in the Navigation Menu [1]. Then click the Declined link [2].

View Declined Transactions

2. In the Decline Reason column, view the decline reason for each declined transaction. View the Decline Reasons table below for more information.

View Decline Reason

Mobile App

  1. In the Divvy Navigation Bar, tap the Alerts icon [1]. If the Alerts icon is not in your Navigation Bar, tap the More icon [2], then tap the Alerts link [3].

    Open Alerts

    2. Any declined transactions display as Declined transaction notification. To view details of the transaction, tap the notification.

    View Declined Transaction

    3. The declined transaction displays a decline reason [1], card information [2], and budget [3]. You can use these details to determine why the transaction was declined. View the Decline Reasons table below for more information.

    Declined Transaction Details

Decline Reason Definitions

Below is a list of common reasons for declines and troubleshooting solutions.

Decline Reason


Troubleshooting Tips

Address Verification Failed

Transaction includes Incorrect billing address

Use your company’s current and correct billing address

Account Load Failed

Connectivity error occurred at the card network

Reattempt transaction

ATM Transactions Not Allowed

Card not permitted for ATM transactions

Divvy cards cannot be used for this transaction

Blocked Card

Card has been blocked

Log in to Divvy and unblock your card. If you cannot, reach out to your admin.

Cardholder Not Active

Inactive cardholder

Contact your Divvy admin

Card on Hold

Card is on hold

Contact Divvy Customer Support to remove the hold


Cashback transaction attempted

Divvy cards cannot be used for cashback transactions

Cancelled Card

Card has been cancelled

Contact your admin to order you a new card

Company Not Active

Company is not active in Divvy

Contact your admin and inform them that the company needs to be activated

Digital Wallet Token Failure

Mobile wallet timeout error

Reattempt the transaction with the merchant.

Expiration Date Does Not Match / Expiration Mismatch

Expiration date connected to transaction does not match expiration date on card

  • Ensure that the expiration date was entered correctly

  • If the card is expired, contact your admin to order a new card

Inactive / Not Active Card

Card has not been activated in Divvy

Activate your card.

Insufficient Company Funds

Attempted transaction is larger than the company's total available spend amount.

Talk to your company's Divvy administrator.

Insufficient Funds

Spend limit on the card does not contain enough funds to cover the transaction

Request funds or select active budget

Invalid Chip Data

Chip is invalid

Try using the card another way: tap to pay, swipe, or manual entry

Invalid CVV/CVC Code

CVV/CVC code is invalid

  • Ensure that the security code was entered correctly

  • If the card is expired, contact your admin to order a new card

Invalid MCC Code

Merchant does not accept your card

Complete the purchase with another merchant

Invalid Message

Connectivity error occurred at the card network

Reattempt transaction

Invalid PIN / Debit Unsupported

Debit transactions are not supported

Run the card as credit instead of debit

Merchant Controls

Your company has enabled merchant controls, which blocks specific categories or only allows specific categories for transactions in selected budgets.

Contact your Divvy admin for more information.

Merchant Not Allowed

Merchant has been blocked for any of the following reasons: industry, fraud risk, or location

Purchase from another merchant. Contact your Divvy admin for more information.

Network Decline

Connectivity error occurred at the card network

Retry transaction

Network Over Capacity

Network is unable to process transactions due to high volume

Retry transaction later

Quasi Cash

Transaction is to purchase item(s) that can be converted directly into cash.

This type of purchase is not supported

Service Error

Card processing error

Try the transaction again.

Suspended Card

Card is frozen

  • If your admin froze the card, contact them to unfreeze it.

Suspicious Activity

Transaction has been declined for suspicious activity

Confirm the transaction is legitimate, then contact Divvy Customer Support the hold to be removed

Transaction Not Allowed

Transaction is not allowed.

You cannot use your Divvy card for this type of purchase

Unsupported Currency Code

Currency used is unsupported

Transaction needs to be made in US dollars

Unsupported Transaction Type

Purchase is outside our rules of servicing and is restricted

This type of purchase is not supported

ZIP Code Mismatch

Billing ZIP code does not match ZIP code on card

Check the ZIP code used in the transaction to ensure it matches the ZIP code on the card.

If you are getting a decline you do not recognize, feel free to contact the Divvy Support team.

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