As an administrator, you can edit any bank accounts that have been added to your Divvy account. You can edit the account’s nickname, enable the account to be used for account payments, and authorize the account if it wasn’t authorized when it was initially created.

This lesson includes steps for editing bank accounts in a web browser.

Web Browser

  1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then click the Bank Accounts link [2].

    Bank Account Settings

  2. To view payment accounts, click the Payment accounts tab.

  3. To edit a bank account, click the account.

    Open Account

  4. To edit the account nickname, enter the nickname in the Account Nickname field [1].

  5. To set the account as the primary account, click the Set As Primary Account button [2]. The primary account is used for recurring payments and is the default account displayed for manual payments.

  6. To save your changes, click the Update Account button [3].

  7. To delete the account, click the Options icon [1] and select the Delete bank account option [2].

Delete Bank Account

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