If you're wanting to set up auto debit, change your invoice date, payment cycle, or make an off-cycle/early payment, please reach out to our team by using the purple chat button from Divvy on the web or at [email protected].

In order to make an off-cycle payment on your account, you will need to use the Divvy payment portal or initiate a wire or ACH payment from your bank.  Please use the following info to make a payment to your account. Please note that the WIRE and ACH routing numbers are different.

Also, please include Company Name and your account number in the MEMO field of the payment.  This is necessary to make sure the funds are deposited to the right account.

Bank Name: Zions Bank

Bank Address:  One South Main Street

                           Salt Lake City, UT 84133

Account Name: Divvy Credit 1 LLC

                           2500 Executive Parkway 4th Floor

                           Lehi, UT, 84043


Wire & ACH Account Number: 981969975

Wire & ACH Routing Number: 124000054

Swift Number: ZFNBUS55

Your bank will send you confirmation of your wire payment with a confirmation number. Forward this confirmation email to [email protected] to help ensure the credit team sees the payment.

Once your payment is sent through, it should post and reflect on your account soon after.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please chat into us or email us to request your account number. 

If this didn't answer your question, check out our FAQ section for more commonly asked questions.

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