In order to use your physical or virtual card, you’ll need funds from a specific budget made available to you. A budget owner can send funds to you directly or you can request funds using the Divvy mobile app.

If you are a budget owner, you can also send funds to yourself.

Request funds on the Divvy mobile app

1. Log in to the Divvy mobile app and tap the Add icon.

2. Tap the Request funds button.

3. Tap the Budget you want to request funds from.

4. Enter the Amount you want to request [1] and a note detailing the reason for the funds request [2]. Then tap the Request button [3]

The budget owner will be instantly notified of your funds request.


If you ever have any leftover credit that you aren’t going to use (like that pesky $.42 cents you can’t find a way to spend), you can easily send it back by navigating to the budget on your mobile app, tapping the Options menu in the upper right, and selecting the return funds option.

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