What Divvy can do for your company and how to use it effectively.

Divvy is an innovative way to track all of the expenses for a company in real-time.

How does Divvy help?

With Divvy, all you have to do is swipe your card, categorize your transactions, and upload a picture of your receipt. That’s it. Every transaction is compiled for you automatically, so you don’t have to manually create an expense report ever again.

Let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of Divvy 

If you’re a user on Divvy, you’ll be assigned to a budget or budgets. Each budget has an owner who will assign funds to employees that they then spend using a physical or virtual credit card. When you have been added to multiple budgets, you will need to make sure to go into the mobile app and select the correct budget to spend from. Once a budget is selected, you can spend from the budget. Remember, if you don’t select a budget before your purchase, it will default to the budget with the most funds available. 

Click here to learn how to activate your physical card

After making  a purchase you will receive an alert in the mobile app. This alert is letting then know you need to categorize a transaction. You can quickly add a photo of the receipt, or add any additional information needed right from your phone.

What happens if you needs more funds in order to complete a purchase?

If you need more funds for a purchase, you can quickly request more funds from a budget. Your request will go directly to the budget owner(s) who are able to approve the request from their mobile device. Learn how to request funds here!

Why does my card keep declining?

There are several reasons your card could be getting declined. When you see a declined transaction notification come through just go to the alerts tab on the mobile app and you can see a reason for the decline. If you need further assistance with declines please reach out to our customer support chat.

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