1. Enter people into your Divvy account

Use the Divvy web app to add people from your organization. This will automatically order a physical card for each user created and shipped to the company address that has been provided (received within 14 business days).

If you need to either expedite a card or update a shipping address for a specific card, please let us know through the chat feature or by reaching out to your account manager.

To get started creating a user, navigate to the people page, select "ADD PERSON," and fill out all of the information:

2. Creating Budgets

Each budget will have an Owner(s) and Members who can receive access to funds. Follow this link for more detail and best practices for setting up budgets.

Here is a quick step instruction on how to create a budget. 

  1. Create Budget
  2. Give a Budget name
  3. Set limit
  4. Select recurring or 1x (one time) budget
  5. Choose to have a expiration date or to not have one
  6. Select a budget owner (must be at least 1) 
  7. Select members of budgets (this can be changed at anytime) 

Create budget is the last step

Settings funds 

Setting funds for a person - In the spend limits tab of a budget you can set limits to a person’s physical card or a vendor card. To edit these funds, simple click “Edit Funds.”

3. Create vendor cards

These allow you to tie one card number to one vendor in order to have complete control over your spending.

Go out and spend!!!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to chat in with us so we can assist you!

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