Once you’ve successfully made a transaction in Divvy, it’s time to complete your first transaction by filling in any necessary fields and attaching a receipt. But first what is an incomplete transaction?

Incomplete Transactions

When a transaction is missing required fields and/or receipts, it is considered incomplete. Incomplete transactions will be marked with yellow warning signs in both the transactions list and on individual transaction details.

  • In the Transactions list, incomplete items are marked with the yellow warning icon.

  • In the Transaction Details window, incomplete transactions are marked with the yellow “incomplete” status.

  • When a transaction is incomplete, spenders will receive a push and badge notification in the mobile app. Spenders can click on these notifications to view transaction summaries and input the required information.

Once required fields have been updated and receipts uploaded, the transaction is marked complete.

Company admins have complete control over what criteria is required for a transaction to be marked “Complete.” This may include receipt upload, custom fields, notes, etc. Please reach out to your company admin if you have questions about the custom fields that need to be selected and why for transactions.

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