Incomplete transaction is a status given to transactions the require further details. The following are a list of reasons why a transaction could be incomplete. 

  1. Category needs to be assigned (red asterisk) 
  2. Receipt attachment is required (optional requirement)
  3. Additional field needed (optional requirement)

A category will always need to be selected. You may need to reach out to your admin to find out which transaction is going to be best.

Receipt attachment can easily be taken care of. After you are handed your receipt, have your app open and click on the transaction that just came through. In the transaction details you are able to upload that receipt right to that transaction. Checking out of a hotel or getting an emailed receipt? Not to worry. You can do the same and upload a file in the Divvy web platform. 

Additional fields that may be required a custom subcategories that is required by your company in order to better keep track of spending. 

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