This article displays how to create custom fields manually.

Web Browser

1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, click the Settings link [1]. Then select the Custom fields option [2].

2. Click the Create New Field button.

3. In the Create New Field window, enter a name [1] and description [2] for the new custom field.

Add Title and Description

4. To allow spenders to select multiple field options when completing a transaction, click the Allow multi-select checkbox [1].

5. To allow spenders to enter their own unique field option when completing a transaction, check the Allow custom options checkbox [2].

6. To add options for the custom field, click the Edit field options field [3].

Options Settings

7. After clicking the Edit field options field, the Add field options sidebar displays. To add a field option, enter the option in the Field Options field [1]. Then click the Add icon [2] or press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

8. To add field options in bulk, click the Bulk Add link [3].

Add Field Options

9. To add field options in bulk, enter or paste your list of options into the Insert List field [1].

10. Each option needs to be separated by a delimiter. In the Select Delimiter section, you can select a semicolon, comma, new line, or custom option to use as your delimiter [2].

11. In the Verify Results section, you can view your custom field options [3].

12. Once all options are entered, click the Add Options button [4].

Add Options in Bulk

13. To allow transaction defaults for the custom field, click the Allow defaults for this field checkbox.

Allow Transaction Defaults

14. To include the custom field in all budgets in your account, select the All budgets option [1]. To choose the budgets where the field will be available, select the Selected budgets option [2]. Then select the budgets from the Select budgets drop-down menu [3].

Budget Options

15. In the Require section, select when the custom field is required:

  • Never [1]: The custom field is optional for spenders.

  • Always [2]: The custom field is mandatory for spenders on related transactions.

  • For selected budgets [3]: The custom field is mandatory for spenders on transactions in the specified budgets.

16. If the Always or For selected budgets option is selected, a transaction amount can be specified by clicking the Require fields by amount checkbox [4]. Then enter the amount that will require the custom field in the Transaction Amount field [5].

Custom Field Requirements

17. To save your custom field, click the Create Field button. Once your new custom field has been created, it will show up immediately on all new and existing transactions in specified budgets.

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