Split transactions are beneficial when it comes to categorizing a certain dollar amount with one vendor. This can only be done after a transaction has cleared. 

To get started, log into the web platform and click on the transaction tab in the navigation bar. 

Click on the transaction that you need to split. 

In the transaction details, select the ellipses in the top-right and select "split transaction.”

Displayed at the top will be the total amount the transaction is for. You can now split that amount however you may need. 

The next step is to categorize these transactions. This is done by clicking into each split and selecting the corresponding category and custom field. If you are required to attach receipts you will need to do so in the parent transaction. 

When completed you will see an icon in the amount column identifying it as a split transaction:

When exporting these transactions, they will show up on the report as separate transactions (called children transactions). Divvy will still display the parent transaction.  The amount of transactions you will see will be determined by how many times you split the parent transaction. 

This is beneficial when a budget is tied to a single member and they are making a large purchase from one vendor for multiple departments.

You can edit a split at any time by selecting "Edit split transaction" from the ellipses drop-down menu:

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