The people tab helps you keep track of who is in the Divvy system, how much they are spending, and what budgets they are assigned to. 

The main people page will let you see who is the system, if they have access to log in or not, and the status of their physical card. You can also click “add people” to have more employees in the system. Remember, when you add a person to the system it will automatically generate a physical card for them. 

When you click on a person’s name, it brings up the person’s details page. In this page you have three tabs to choose from. 


You can view the person's information and adjust if they are an admin or not. This will also show you the current month's spend for a user as well.  

This will show you all transactions that a user has made. It will let you know what budget it came from, the amount, if there is a receipt or note attached to it, and it will tell you if the purchase from a physical card or virtual card. You can click into the transaction to view further information. 


This is where you can view all the budgets that are associated with a specific user. This will also let you see how much they have divvied to them from each budget, if they are a budget owner, and also add them to a new budget. 

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