We know how important it is to ensure that you and your team always has access to the funds they need. That's why when we went about designing the Budget snapshot, we use terms that you are familiar with and easy to understand

From anywhere in the budget you will now quickly be able to see,

  1. What the Budget Limit is

  2. How much has been spent

  3. The total balance of funds that have been allocated to member/vendor cards that is available to spend

  4. The total amount that is available to be spent or allocated to budget members/vendor cards

We are simplifying a few of the terms we use to help you understand exactly what is happening in your budget, as well as talk to your team in simpler terms.

Let’s keep this as simple as possible.

Spent: The total of all cleared transactions within the budget

Assigned: Funds that have been allocated to people and vendor cards in a budget. This represents money available to be spent from the budget at that very moment.

Available: The remaining funds in a budget that have not been assigned to a person or virtual card.

In conjunction with simplifying terms, we're doing the same with how you manage funds for people by focusing on what a user has been assigned, what has been spent, and what is available for them to spend.

Everything under the hood remains the same. We're excited about these new terms that should make it easier for you and your teams to identify what is happening in your budgets. 

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