When viewing a budget, you will see several terms that provide insight into how funds have been or can be used. The following definitions describe several terms you will see when viewing the Budget Snapshot.

  • Spent [1]: The total of all cleared transactions within the budget.

  • Assigned [2]: The amount that has been allocated to people and vendor cards in a budget. This represents money available to be spent from the budget at that very moment.

  • Available [3]: The remaining funds in a budget that have not been assigned to a person or virtual card.

  • Limit [4]: The amount that can be spent from a budget by budget members and cards.

  • Buffer [5]: The amount over the budget limit that can be spent if approved by a budget owner.

Budget Terms

When viewing members and vendors within a budget you can also view the limit [1], amount spent [2], and the amount assigned [3].

Member Spend Limits

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