Member cards are virtual cards that are created by budget members and funded by member funds in a budget (these are the same funds that physical cards utilize).

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Member cards can only be created on the Divvy mobile app, they cannot be created on the web platform. (Though, they can be accessed there.)

  • Member virtual cards can only be generated on behalf of the cardholder creating them.

To create a member card on mobile:

1. Log in to the Divvy mobile app and select Wallet from the bottom menu.

2. Tap +CARD.

3. Give the card you are creating a card name (i.e. a nickname to quickly identify what the card is used for).

4. Select the active budget the member card will pull funds from.

5. Confirm the funds being used with the member card.

6. Select the card funding type:

  • Subscription Card is a type of virtual card that you can create with a monthly limit. When you set a limit for the card, it will allocate funds directly from the associated budget.

  • Burner Cards are designed for one time purchases made online. This type of virtual card expires in 7 days from the creation date of the card. However, you can extend the expiration if needed. You can also change the amount of funds on this card as needed.

7. If fields are required on the budget associated with the member card, select the appropriate field options.

8. Once all information has been entered, press Save to create and view the new member card.

There may be a short delay after attempting to create the card--DO NOT select the “SAVE” more than once or you may create duplicate cards.

You can always go back to all your virtual cards from the Wallet screen by pressing Virtual cards.

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