For security and fraud prevention measures, physical cards are blocked after four consecutive declines. 

Before unblocking a card please review pending and cleared transactions as well as declined transactions to verify that recent activity on the card was legitimate and that your card has not been compromised.

Divvy mobile app (cardholder only)

You can unblock your physical card in the mobile app from the home page:

You'll know your card is blocked if you see the "BLOCKED" text highlighted in red. To unblock your card, select "Unblock card."

You will be taken to a screen where you can review the transactions that led to your card being blocked. Once you verify that the transactions are not fraudulent you can complete the process by selecting "UNBLOCK CARD."

You can also unblock your card starting from the alerts/notifications page. Select the notification that states your card was blocked and it will bring you to the "Blocked card" screen allowing you to review the declined transactions and unblock the card.

Divvy web app (cardholder and admins)


  1. Navigate to the people page

  2. Select the user that needs their card unblocked

  3. Under the “Physical card” section of the user overview, select “unblock card”

  4. The user’s card is now unblocked and they may resume spending

Note: Admins only have the ability to unblock cards for others in the web app.


  1. Navigate to your user profile (this is found in the bottom left of the webpage--a circle with your picture or initials--select the circle and click on “Profile”). 

  2. Under the “Physical card” section of your account overview, select “unblock card”

  3. Your card is now unblocked and you may resume spending

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