Activating your card in Divvy is quick and easy.
If this is not your first Divvy card, be sure to contact our customer support chat so we can remove your old card from the system before activating your new one. 

On the web:

Once logged into, navigate to the bottom left of the screen (below the help button) where you'll see either your profile picture or the initials of the name on your account if you haven't uploaded a picture (if your account is under the name John Smith it would display as JS, if your account is called Marketing Team it would display as MT): 

Once you are in your profile there will be an image of your card in the bottom right corner. If you have yet to activate your card it will have the option to activate it here. Click on "ACTIVATE CARD" and enter the last four of your card number.

Your card is now active. 

If you have any additional questions or are having trouble activating your card, please reach out via our customer chat. 

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