Bill Pay allows for you to send money to vendors that can’t be paid using your Divvy credit card. This feature allows for easy scheduling of both recurring and one time payments while maintaining the same Divvy efficiency, visibility, and expense reporting. 

To get started, click on the Bill-Pay icon from the Divvy side-bar. 

(it looks like this)

This will open up the Divvy Bill Pay portal:

To make your first Bill Pay payment you will first need to create a vendor in Divvy.

Adding Vendors

To create your first Vendor, select the “Vendors” text on the Bill Pay screen: 

From the vendors page select the “ADD A VENDOR” button:

Fill out all of the vendor information then select “ADD VENDOR:” 

The vendor you added will then display on the vendor page within the bill pay section. You can view the vendor info at any time by selecting the vendor from the list: 


Once you have set up a vendor, it’s time to schedule your first payment. To schedule a payment you will first need to upload an invoice from your vendor. You can add an invoice by navigating to the “Invoice” section:

 From the invoices page,  select the “NEW INVOICE” button:

On the next page you will be prompted to upload an invoice file. Click on “SELECT FILE” to choose the document you would like to upload (You can alternatively email an invoice to [email protected] and it will be added to your list.): 

Once you have uploaded your invoice verify that all of the information is correct (amount, date, merchant, etc.). Once you have verified all of the information and set a payment due date, go ahead and save the invoice:

The invoice will then appear as an “unpaid” invoice: 

Once an invoice has been created it will need to be approved by a company admin--if you are the admin on your account you may approve the invoice yourself. 

Funding Payment 

(admin only)

To approve and fund an invoice, select the payment you are wanting to fund from the “payment” section of the Bill Pay tab: 

After selecting the payment you are wanting to fund, you will come to the payment details tab. Once you have verified that the details of the scheduled payment are correct, select “FUND PAYMENT:” 

Once a payment has been funded by an admin your payment is ready to be sent out. Once the payment date rolls around your bill pay will be sent to the vendor and you will see its status change in the Bill Pay portal. 

Payment Status

You can determine a payment status by looking at the status icon.

The yellow hazard symbol signifies a payment has been scheduled but is awaiting funding by an admin.

The clock symbol signifies that a payment is funded and ready to be sent at the scheduled payment date--no action is necessary. 

The green dot signifies that a payment has been sent and received. 

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any additional questions regarding our bill pay feature and process we encourage you to reach out to our customer support chat. 

*1099 documentation is not generated within Divvy

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