Divvy's Bill Pay feature is no longer available for customers to enable in an account. We are currently only supporting Bill Pay for customers who previously enabled this feature. For assistance with Bill Pay solutions for your business, view Bill's Accounts Payable software.

As an admin, you can create vendors to use for making bill payments in Divvy. Vendors can be added manually or through CSV upload.

Note: Only Divvy Admins can create new vendors.

Web Browser

1. Log in to Divvy Dashboard, and select Bill Pay from the left menu [1].

2. Select the Vendors link [2] 

Open Vendors Page

3. Click the Add a Vendor button. 

Add a Vendor Button

4. To manually add an individual vendor, enter the relevant details about the vendor (including Name, Account ID, and Address) [1]. Then click the Save Changes button [2]. 

5. To import vendors from a CSV file, click the Import vendors in bulk link [3].

Enter Details and Save Changes

6. To import multiple vendors at once, first create a CSV file formatted like the table below. You can also download a sample CSV file from the Import page.

Sample CSV File

7. To upload a CSV file from your computer, click the Select File button [1]. The vendor information displays in the Import page [2]. To upload the file to Divvy, click the Upload button [3].

Upload CSV File

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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