Divvy's Bill Pay feature is no longer available for customers to enable in an account. We are currently only supporting Bill Pay for customers who previously enabled this feature. For assistance with Bill Pay solutions for your business, view Bill's Accounts Payable software.

To create a bill payment, you can be either an Admin or a Budget Owner. Funding a saved payment, however, can only be done by an Admin.

From your web browser:

1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, select the Bill Pay link [1].

2. Select the Payments option [2]. 

Open Bill Pay

3. Click the Create a Payment button. 

Create a Payment

4. To upload a new invoice, click the Upload New button [1]. To select an existing invoice, click the Select Existing button [2].

5. Click the Save Payment button [3] The payment will be saved in Awaiting Funds status until an admin funds the payment.

Upload or Select Invoice

6. When it's time to fund the payment, an admin can select the saved payment in Awaiting Funds status [1] and fund the payment by clicking the Fund button [2].

Fund Payment

An admin can choose the current date or schedule the payment to be made in the future. Once a payment is scheduled to be funded, it will display as scheduled until 5PM Eastern time on the day of the scheduled payment, at which point the payment will display as FUNDED.

Note: You can follow along with how the payment is being fulfilled to the vendor in the Remittance Info column of the Payments table.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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