Statements in Divvy are designed to be straight-forward and easy to consume. Any admin can find their statements within Divvy.

Web Browser

1. Log in to Divvy Dashboard, and select Statements from the left menu.

Open Statements

2. From your Statements list, click the Download icon.

View Statements

Mobile App

Admins can also view their statements on mobile. Click into any statement to see payments or fees, make adjustments, or categorize transactions.

View Statements - Mobile

Each statement contains important information like your payment due date, all transactions in the period, and any fees or adjustments on your account.

If your pay cycle is monthly, your statement will be available on your bill day by end of day. Otherwise, your statements will be available on the first of the month by end of day. 

You can access your monthly statements at any time and download them as needed.

For any questions, please contact your account manager or our support team.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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