We are proactively identifying customers that qualify for Divvy Capital. If you qualify for one of our Divvy Capital offerings, we’ll reach out to you via email and let you know about your new limits on your Divvy dashboard. You’ll also see a notification within Divvy letting you know about your new Flex Limit.

There’s a lot that goes into determining which customers are qualified for offers from Divvy Capital. We’ve got our team and tools working around the clock to analyze myriad data to determine how to get our customers the right financing options. 

In short, the more we know you as a Divvy Customer the more likely we are to extend an offer. 

Here are a few of the factors that we look at: 

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Is your business growing?

  • How long have you been using Divvy?

  • Do you always pay on time?

If you have specific questions about your company or want to increase your limit, reach out to your account executive or fill out the
form here

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