We aim to make Flex Plans as flexible as possible! However, there are a few restrictions on types of payments that can be applied to Flex Plans. 

In accordance with processor, bank, and card regulations, Divvy is unable to process the following payment types: 

  • Any type of debt (mortgages, other credit cards, financial institutions) 
  • Any form of balance transfer (credit card to line of credit or credit card to another credit card)
  • Payroll transactions
  • All gambling or betting transactions
  • The sale of tobacco, marijuana, pharma, or nutraceuticals
  • Pornography, obscene material, and sexually-related or “adult” services
  • Weapons, munitions, gunpowder, fireworks, other explosive or toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials
  • Payments that are personal in nature (e.g. non-business personnel)

Check out a full list of Flex Plans FAQs here

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