Dispute Reasons and Definitions

  • The merchant charged a different amount than agreed 
  • Example: I go to a restaurant and spend $20 total, but the transaction comes through as $25 for an unexplained reason.
  • The goods and services did not conform to the merchant's description for the transaction 
  • Example: I order 5 platters of chicken fingers and only receive 3 upon delivery.
  • This transaction was not authorized (fraud)
  • Example: A charge was made by an unknown person using the cardholder’s information.
  • Duplicate transaction
  • Example: If the merchant charged the card more than once, when there was only one authorized transaction.
  • Merchant failed to issue credit
  • Example: After discussing with the merchant about a refund, the merchant has not provided a credit for the transaction.
  • The reservation was cancelled
  • Example: The reservation was cancelled with the merchant and there are supporting documents identifying the merchant should be responsible for a credit. (Please attach these documents in the dispute).
  • Paid by other means
  • Example: The merchant charged a different card as well as the Divvy card for the same transaction.
  • Service not rendered
  • Example: The merchant charged the card but never provided the service that was purchased.
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