If you lose the device you use for MFA, get a new number, or something else, you have two options to get back into Divvy:

  1. You can use the recovery code you were given when setting up MFA for the first time to log back in.
  2. You can ask your admin to reset MFA on your user account which will require you to set up MFA on your next login.

How to use your recovery code to login to Divvy (For Users):

1. A recovery code is given to all users when first setting up Divvy and should be stored in a secure place like a password manager. 

2. To use your recovery code, log in to Divvy. From the MFA page, click “Lost your device? Use the recovery code.”

3. Enter your recovery code in the field provided.

4. After you have successfully input your code, you will be prompted to copy and securely store a new recovery code in the event that you need it again in the future.

How to reset a user’s MFA login (For Admins):

1. Select People from the left menu. 

2. Click on the Name of the person you’d like to edit. 

3. In the top right, click Edit Person Details.

4. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner. 

5. Click Reset MFA

6. Then, click Reset.

The next time this person logs in, they’ll be prompted to set up MFA again from the device of their choice.

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