Budgets in Divvy are meant to be simple, organized, and get your company spending smarter and faster than ever before.

Easily track where you stand with the The Budget Snapshot. From here, you can quickly understand the total budget limit, how much has been spent, what outstanding balances exist, and the total amount of funds that are available for each month. You can also view spend in the previous month, and anticipated spend in the future month.

You can ensure that the right people are in the right budget using the Roster. Quickly determine who is in the budget as a member, who has been added as a budget owner, and make any necessary changes, all from this section.

The Transaction & Invoice tabs give you real-time visibility into all spend within the budget. You can view individual transactions, attach receipts, and add any additional information that is required.

The Spend Limits tab is where all the user and card limits are set. And, it’s built to ensure that you have perfect visibility into what each user or vendor can spend. From here, you can set individual limits, create a new vendor card, or make bulk fund changes.

For a more detailed view, simply click on a user or Vendor card to view individual or card level details, as well as any associated transactions.

For users and cards with recurring monthly spend, click over to the Recurring Funds tab. From here you can make sure that members and vendor cards will have the necessary funds to cover all recurring expenses in that budget.

Sending Funds can be done from both the web and mobile applications. Funds can be sent to users in bulk, or to individuals, and will automatically add any users not already in the budget.

For more information, check out our video guide here

We hope that you enjoy using budgets to organize your team, vendor, and subscription spending. Thanks!

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