As an admin, you can remove a person from your Divvy account. Once deleted, a person can no longer log in and access their Divvy account. Their transactions will also be locked but still visible to you and any bookkeepers for historical records. Physical cards of a deleted user will be permanently canceled.

Note: You cannot delete a person from the Divvy mobile app.

Web Browser

1. In the Divvy Navigation Menu, select the People link.

Open People Link

2. Click the name of the person you would like to remove [1]. For help finding the person, you can enter their name in the Search field [2].

3. Click the Options button [1] and select the Delete person option [2].

5. A confirmation message displays that lists the number of transactions that will be locked and cards that will be canceled after the person is deleted [1].

6. To confirm you want to delete the person, click the Delete button [2].

Note: A summary of cards and transactions will only display on the confirmation message if the person has cards and/or transactions.

Confirm Deletion

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