Before employees can spend using a physical or virtual card, they need funds made available to them. As a budget owner, you have the ability to send funds to budget members using the mobile app.

How to send funds on the mobile app:

1. Log in to the Divvy mobile app and select Wallet from the bottom menu.

2. Press Send Funds.

3. Select the budget you would like to send funds from.

4. Select the Recipient (the employee(s) you would like to send funds to).

5. Press Continue.

6. Enter the Amount you would like to send and include a note explaining the reason for sending funds (if necessary)).

7. Press Send.

8. Review the budget, recipient, and amount and press Send again to confirm. Budget members will be immediately notified of allocated funds.

If an employee is not a budget member before funds are sent to them, they will become budget members once funds are sent.

You can also send funds on the web. For more information, click here.

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