Divvy makes it easy to customize your receipt requirements for your transactions.

To begin, log in to Divvy and navigate to your company Settings in the bottom left of your screen. Navigate to "Transactions", and hit Edit on the "Receipt Settings" tile.

You'll see this screen. Once here, you can choose one of three options:

  1. Do not require receipts

  2. Require receipts globally (all the time).

  3. Require for selected budgets. (you will be prompted to selected a budget.).

You are also able to customize when receipts are required based on the transaction amount. If you select this box, choose what's appropriate for your company policy.

Once these fields are completed, hit Save.

Virtual Card Exceptions

In some cases, you may want to disable a receipt requirement for the transactions completed with a given virtual card. You are able to adjust receipt requirements for virtual cards at the time you create them. To do this, simply check the "Receipt not required" box under Receipt Settings when creating a virtual card.

This will eliminate the receipt requirement for all transactions on this card, even if the budget requirement stays.

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