What is Post-Transaction Review?

Post-transaction review is a two-step approval process for Divvy credit card transactions. When the feature is enabled, transactions will require two layers of approval after they have been coded and attached a receipt. The first step is a Budget Owner review (indicated by the Budget Approval status) , followed by an Admin or Bookkeeper review (indicated by the Admin Approval status). After two pairs of eyes have reviewed transactions, they can be synced to accounting software.

Learn how to approve or deny transactions.

How do I enable this feature for my account?

You can enable post-transaction review by going to Settings > Transactions > Review settings to turn this on. You can turn it on globally, for transactions over a certain dollar amount, or by a specific budget.

How will I know if there are transactions that need my review?

There are no real time notifications that will let you know that transactions need your review, however, transactions that need your review will be included in your weekly reminder email if you have it activated. This email arrives on Monday mornings for any outstanding tasks you have in Divvy, including transaction reviews. You'll see a section of your email that reminds you of transactions to review.

Beyond that, you're always able to filter your transaction list to only the transactions that need your review in real time. Simply click the +Filter button, and select the Status dropdown. Depending on your role, you'll select "Budget Approval" if you're a budget owner, or "Admin Approval" if you're an Admin or Bookkeeper.

How do I review transactions?

It's pretty straightforward, here's a two minute video to explain how transactions will be reviewed.

Which transactions will require a review?

Reviews will only be required for the transactions within your criteria and for transactions after you've enabled the feature. Transactions previous to turning it on will not require reviews.

Why am I approving something when the money has already been spent?

It's true, the money is spent. Even denying the transaction doesn't get your money back. However, it's common that a transaction needs to be reviewed by the finance team to ensure it is coded correctly and within policy before exporting to the accounting software.

Can budget owners approve their own expenses?

By default, no. Budget Owners will need a different owner from that budget to approve their transactions. You can override this by selecting 'Allow Budget Owners to approve their own transactions'. This will help in cases where you have a single budget owner in a budget and there is nobody to approve their transactions. In addition, Admins and Bookkeepers can approve any transaction that is in 'Budget Approval'.

What does 'Denied' mean?

We see two use cases for denying a transaction. First, a transaction is coded incorrectly or has the wrong receipt attached. You can deny it and it will kick back to the spender, allowing them to re-submit. You can leave a comment to tell them why it was denied. Second, some transactions fall outside of policy. You may want to deny the transaction to ensure you know which transactions you need to take action on. Perhaps you'll want to be reimbursed by the employee.

If a transaction is denied, how will my employees know?

When a transaction is denied we send an email notification to employees letting them know their transaction was denied and include the comment you left on the transaction. The email will look like this -

Which transactions can I approve or deny?

Transactions will enter the approval workflow once they are no longer 'Incomplete'. That means they have been coded and have a receipt attached. Once they are in the workflow, transactions will first be tagged with 'Budget Approval' then 'Admin Approval'. Transactions prior to turning this feature on cannot be approved or denied.

How will my Budget Owners know what transactions need their approval?

There are two ways. First, if you have the weekly Divvy email enabled, we'll send a list of transactions in their budget that they need to approve. Second, when you log into Divvy, you can filter by the status 'Budget Approval' to see exactly the ones you need to look at. Both of these are true for Admins and Bookkeepers as well.

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