As you transition to our new Visa program, an important step to being able to spend money on your new Divvy Visa® Business cards is transferring your credit lines from Mastercard to Visa.

When should I start to transfer my credit lines?

You will see a Visa migration dashboard with an active module for transferring credit when your account is ready for you to migrate credit from Mastercard to Visa. This will appear within your Admin dashboard.

Where can I begin the credit transfer process?

This credit transfer process can be started in your Divvy web app here. Then simply navigate to your Visa migration dashboard.

From the Visa dashboard

How do I transfer credit?

  1. Decide how much of the credit line you want to move over. You can only move available credit over. This means that if you have an outstanding balance (i.e., you've spent money and haven't paid it off yet) then you cannot transfer the amount of the balance.

  2. Select either "Total available" or "custom" amount and fill in the custom amount to be transferred.

  3. Check twice to make sure you're moving the right amount. We can't move transferred credit back to your MasterCard account. Acknowledge that this cannot be undone and that you are certain the transfer is accurate.

  4. Click submit.

Other considerations

  • Credit transfer is immediate.

    • Once you click Submit, the customer's visa credit limit will increase by the transferred amount. Your visible MasterCard will also immediately decrease.

  • The graph is prophetically dynamic

    • The bar graph on the page will reflect how your total credit line will be split between Visa and MasterCard once you submit the transfer request. This helps you see the future breakdown before submitting a request.

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