Divvy allows you to easily edit transactions in bulk. Here's how.

How do I edit transactions in bulk?

Simply select the transactions you would like to edit by clicking the check boxes for each transaction. Then click the Bulk Action dropdown in the upper right. Select Bulk Edit and adjust the fields that you would like. Click save, and you’re done!

PRO TIP: When selecting multiple transactions, use your Shift button to speed things up. Select the check box for the first transaction in the group you'd like to edit, hold down the Shift button, and select the check box for the last transaction in the group you'd like to edit. Divvy will automatically highlight every transaction between the two you selected.

What fields are available to edit in bulk?

You’ll be able to edit any fields that are on all of the transactions you’ve selected, including the budget. You’re also able to attach receipts and add notes to multiple transactions at once.

Why can’t I edit certain fields on the transactions I've selected?

Fields are only editable if they are included across all selected transactions.

Who can use this?

Everyone is able to edit transactions in bulk, but you’ll only be able to edit transactions that you have access to.

Do I need to do anything to activate this feature?

This is automatically available for all users on all accounts.

Why are some of the transactions I have selected not editable?

Transactions that are synced, have been reviewed, or are locked will not be editable. In order to edit these transactions they would need to be unlocked first.

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