Divvy is a charge card. It works differently from a traditional credit card in that your entire balance is due on your due date. Let’s talk about what you need to know about payments.

How do I find my billing due date and payment cycle?

From your dashboard, you can do a lot of things. Under Account payment Info, you can view your due date, billing cycle, and payment history. It's also where you can make payments to Divvy.

(If you’re just getting started with Divvy, you may land on the Getting Started guide when you first open up the web app. Click on 'Account overview' to review important payment information. You can always return to the guide later.)

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Can I pay part of my spent credit line on the due date and the rest later without incurring late fees?

No. If you have spent any money against your credit line it will become due on your next payment date. Off-cycle payments will go towards the money you have spent, but any remaining balance will still be due on your next payment date. Any balance that is not paid will incur late fees.

It's also important to note that payments take up to 3-5 business days to process and post. As long as your payment is submitted on time, you will not be assessed a late fee. Funds may not be available to spend until they are posted to your account.

How do I setup Low Balance Auto Pay?

You can choose to setup automatic payments when a specific threshold is reached, to help ensure spend is never interrupted because your company has hit your credit limit.

When setting up Low Balance Auto Pay, you can choose a payment threshold, choose an amount by which to pay down and toggle this off at any time.

Learn more about low balance auto pay.

How do I check which bank account is being used to make payments to Divvy?

You can check which account is connected to make payments to Divvy by referencing your Divvy Signed Agreement that was sent to your authorized signer OR by clicking on the 'MAKE A PAYMENT' button under Account Payment Info.

This will take you to the Account payment page. Under FROM BANK ACCOUNT is where you can view the last four digits of the bank account number associated with the bank account that's used to make payments to Divvy. Follow the steps in this article if you’d like to change this.

If you have questions about your specific billing date or payment cycle, please contact our support team using the chat button and we'll be happy to help.

How do I add more than one account to make payments?

If you'd like to add more than one checking account to your Divvy account, you can do that by chatting in to our support team. Once added, you'll be able to easily make payments from different checking accounts within Divvy.

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