Welcome to Divvy! The steps below have been carefully organized to make sure your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible. Set yourself up for success with Divvy by following the checklist in the order listed below. Thank you for your business and please reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions at [email protected].

Table of Contents

  1. Adding people

  2. Creating virtual cards

  3. Categorizing transactions

  4. Creating and assigning budgets

  5. Understanding payment info

  6. Ordering physical cards for employees

  7. Activating your physical card

  8. Downloading the mobile app

✓ Adding people

Any employee who needs to spend money or submit expenses for reimbursement should be a Divvy user.

We recommend adding people to Divvy as a first step. This is so you can assign admin roles to the appropriate people and allow people to start spending with Divvy sooner rather than later. (Remember, your employees can’t spend unless you add them to a budget!)

To officially earn a black belt in adding people into Divvy, check out this help article.

✓ Create virtual cards

You don’t need to wait for your physical card. You can start spending with a Divvy virtual card.

To get spending with Divvy, you can use virtual cards. Virtual cards are great for vendor subscriptions, recurring spend, and more. Our customers love it because they can easily replace a single virtual card with a vendor if a card has been compromised for a quick and easy fix. It’s also a fun way to try Divvy out for the first time.

Click here to learn how to create a virtual card and give it a try now!

✓ Categorizing transactions

Viewing transactions and categorizing them is as easy as pie. Take a look!

The team at Divvy has put work into making the actions of viewing and categorizing transactions as simple and easy as possible. Take a look below to learn how it all works.

Also, don’t worry, we’ll get into adding more customizations for transactions (like custom fields and our Quick Books Online integration) a little later. For the purpose of getting up and running, just make sure you know where to find your transactions and how to categorize them.

✓ Create and assign Budgets

Every card needs a budget to work—be sure to assign your employees to a budget or they won’t be able to spend!

Creating and assigning budgets is a very important part of Divvy. If you’re just starting out with Divvy, we recommend keeping it simple. As you become more familiar with Budgets and terms like Budget Owners and Budget Spenders, you can start to build a more advanced budget setup for your company. For now, let’s just make sure you have a budget created and have assigned people to that budget so they can spend!

Create and assign your first budget by following the steps in this help article.

✓ Understanding payment info

Divvy is a charge card. It works differently from a traditional credit card in that your entire balance is due on your due date.

If you’re new to Divvy, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with things like your billing due date, payment cycle, and more to avoid incurring any late fees. You can learn how to view your billing due date, payment cycle, and more from your dashboard by reading this help article.

✓ Ordering physical cards

The physical card for the first admin is automatically sent when the Divvy account is created.

If you’re the initial admin for Divvy, your card is already on its way. To learn how to order physical cards for others, click here. And don’t forget, you can always track all of your physical card orders by going to the Card page and selecting “Physical card orders.”

✓ Activating your physical card

It’s quick, easy, and necessary for successfully onboarding with Divvy

Just like any business card, you need to activate your card before you start using it. Follow these simple steps to complete this important step. If you’re interested in activating cards remotely for your card holders, check out this help article.

✓ Downloading the mobile app

Your employees will love the easy-to-use app that allows a few taps to replace their expense reports!

The mobile app is a customer favorite. Finance teams love it because it is so easy to use for their employees. Download the mobile app and make sure you tell your card-holding employees to do the same.

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