Divvy's new receipt auto-match feature makes it easier than ever to connect your receipts to your transactions. It's simple and easy to use, but here are the FAQs in case you get stuck.

How do I get Divvy to match my receipt for me?

Simply forward your email, image, or attachment to [email protected]. We’ll take care of the rest!

If you forget the email, Divvy makes it easy to find.

One the web app:

It's constantly available right beneath the +Receipt interface when you click a transaction.

On the mobile app:

Simply tap the i icon next to "Receipts" on the transactions details page.

Then you can tap the "Copy email address" section to automatically copy the email address to your phone's clipboard.

How do I know if my receipt was matched?

You will receive an email response on whether we were able to successfully automatically match the receipt or if we were unable to process the receipt.

What if my receipt doesn’t match?

You will receive an email that lets you know that it did not work and that gives you next steps for how to match your receipt.

Why won’t my receipt match?

There are a few reasons why your receipt may not have matched.

  • It may not have been sent from an email Divvy recognizes. It has to come from your Divvy associated email so Divvy knows which account to use to look for transactions.

  • There may not be enough information in your receipt for us to successfully match the receipt, or the receipt was not legible enough to pull data from.

  • Your transaction has been locked. If a transaction is locked, we can’t add a receipt to you. You’ll need to contact your Administrator to unlock the transaction so we can connect your receipt to it.

  • Your attached receipt was in the wrong file format. Attachments and images must be any of the following formats to match. JPEG, PDF, PNG.

  • When tips are added, your card will authorize an amount that is different from the cost of the thing + the tip. It takes a few days for the card to charge and reflect the full amount AND the tipped amount. Sometimes, if a tip has been added on a transaction, the difference in the total amount and the authorized charge will cause Divvy to be unable to match the transaction. In this case you can either manually match the receipt, or wait a few days for the charged amount to match the receipt.

  • Your account is not using Divvy Visa® Business cards and does not have access to this feature yet.

    • *Not all customers are eligible for Divvy Visa® Business cards at this time. If you’d like to know if you qualify, please visit getdivvy.com/credit/visa/ to join the waitlist and our team will be in touch!

    • If you're already activated using Divvy Visa® Business cards but your receipts are not matching, please reach out to Divvy's Technical Support team.

I went through the list above and I still can't get my receipt to match!

The best thing you can do to encourage matching is to have a good image of your receipt. If you're taking a picture of your receipt, make sure it's against a dark background, your handwriting is clear, and there are no shadows. This will help us match it as effectively as possible.

Can I text a receipt as well?

We don’t currently have a way to forward receipts via text. Watch this video to review all the other ways a receipt can be uploaded into Divvy.

How quickly does it work?

Once you email a receipt to Divvy, you will receive an email back from us within a few minutes. If you have not received an email back within a couple of hours, please let us know by contacting the Divvy Support Team.

How do I automatically forward my receipts to Divvy?

If you have recurring transactions that you get a receipt for each month, you can set up automatic forward rules in your email client. Here is a step by step guide for how to set those up!

Most email forwarding services require that the receiving email address approve the forwarding. This means that Divvy will need to accomplish an approval process. We will do this within one business day of when we receive the approval email, so take this into account as you set up forwarding.

Can I send multiple receipts attached in one email?

Yes! You can send multiple receipts, but only as long as they are sent as attachments. If this is the case, Divvy will attempt to auto-match each attached receipt to a transaction.

If you send multiple receipts that are in the body of a single email, Divvy will not be able to tell where one receipt end and another begins, so will be unable to match these to transactions.

Finally, if you send over an email that has a receipt in the email body AND an attached receipt, Divvy will not be able to match these receipts.

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