How do I activate Divvy Reimbursements?

View this article to learn how to manage reimbursement settings in your account.

Note: Reimbursement settings are only available for Admin roles and are not available on the mobile app.

How do I submit and approve/deny a reimbursement request?

It’s easy! Refer to this help article for step-by-step instructions.

How do I activate ACH payments?

ACH payments are enabled from your account's Reimbursement settings.

Note: Reimbursement settings are only available for Admin roles and are not available on the mobile app.

How do I add my bank account information?

You can link a bank account from your User Settings.

Note: All employees are able to add their bank account information, but you'll only be able to add bank account information for yourself.

How long will I have to wait for my reimbursement?

With ACH reimbursements activated, requesters should receive their funds 5-7 business days after the request has been approved.

If you’re processing reimbursements through payroll, requesters should receive their funds as soon as you process them.

Does this work for everyone?

Yes! Divvy Reimbursements are free for all users. The only exception is that ACH transfers will only work for users with bank accounts inside the United States.

Reimbursements that need to be made to non US bank accounts can be processed through payroll.

How much do Divvy Reimbursements cost?

Divvy Reimbursements are free for everyone! It’s just one more way we’re helping you spend smarter, for less.

Where will the ACH reimbursements pull from?

Approved reimbursements will be deducted directly from your connected bank account, not your credit line.

The reimbursement transactions aren't matching up with the reimbursement request amounts. How are reimbursements deducted from my account?

No matter how many reimbursements are submitted or approved each day, Divvy will only do a single deduction from your bank account. However, if an employee submits multiple reimbursement requests they will see multiple deposits into their account.

For example, if your employee submits 3 reimbursements for $10 and you approve them all on the same day, your employee will see three deposits for $10 into their bank account while you will only see one deduction from your company bank account.

Do reimbursements sync with my accounting integration?

No. Reimbursements do not automatically sync with any accounting integrations. You can export reimbursements as a CSV file by clicking the Export icon on the Reimbursements page, which you can then upload to your accounting system.

How do I customize and filter the information displayed in the Reimbursements page?

You can easily filter the Reimbursements page by 1) using the Search field, 2) clicking the Status buttons that display above the table, or 3) clicking the Column icon to customize which columns display on the page. View this article for more information.

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