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Divvy is partnering with Visa to create an even better customer experience for our customers. (To learn more about the benefits of Divvy on Visa, click here.) This means you’ll be transitioning from Mastercard to Visa within Divvy. We’ve outlined the steps below with all of the information you need to get set up for success with Visa and Divvy. Please note, it’s important to follow these steps in order for the best activation experience.

What this checklist will cover:

Getting Started with Visa video

✓ Access your Visa Dashboard

This dashboard was created to make your Visa activation easy. Log into Divvy on web and click on the Visa icon on the left hand navigation.

✓ Add birthdates

Visa offers Divvy an increased level of security for users. Divvy requires cardholders to enter their birthdate so we can verify identities when they call into Divvy support and we can help our customers faster.

Birthdates must be added before any other steps can be taken.

Pro tip: You can add birthdates individually or all at once via a CSV.

✓ Order new physical Visa cards

After adding birthdates, you’ll need to order new Visa cards to replace your current Mastercards. You can send all cards to the company address in one easy order or you can enter individual addresses one at a time.

You can activate cards on behalf of the cardholder if you'd like. Learn how to do so here.

✓ Replace Mastercard virtual cards with Visa

We’ve already spun up Visa virtual cards to replace your Mastercard virtual cards. These cards will inherit all of the settings and funds of your Mastercards. Once you activate your Visa virtual cards the matching MasterCard will be deactivated.

Divvy Recommendation: Be sure to activate your cards and then swap them with the old cards your vendors have on file so you avoid declines.

✓ Migrate credit from Mastercard to Visa

The final step is to transfer credit from Mastercard to Visa. The transfer happens immediately and cannot be undone.

  • Make sure you move enough credit to support your physical and virtual card spend on Visa.

  • Moving credit doesn't change anything except your credit line.

  • Your budgets will not be impacted by these credit transfers.

Good to know: The ‘Credit limit breakdown’ tile shows you what your credit limit will reflect once you submit your credit transfer.

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