Here are a few things to consider before beginning your Visa activation. Once you've completed the steps below, you'll be ready to begin the activation process.

  1. Tidy your account: This is a great chance to take a moment to make sure you've deleted un-used cards and employees who no longer use Divvy. Quickly deleting old, unused virtual cards and users will give your new Visa cards a fresh, tidy start!

  2. Add date-of-birth (DOB): Make sure that all your users in Divvy have a DOB and the correct address in their profile.

    1. To upload birthdates in bulk, you can use this CSV Template.

    2. If you have more questions on how to edit employee information, check out this help doc.

  3. Complete your application: Make sure to complete your application with Visa and Cross River Bank.

  4. Let your spenders know: This is a good time to let your employees and budget owners know that they will soon have an exciting new card experience!

    1. Make sure they are on the lookout for an identity verification email and new physical cards that will be delivered to them soon!

  5. Meet with your CSM: Book some time with your CSM to discuss additional preparation that may be required for your account.

Now that you're prepared for the activation, go to this in-depth Activation Checklist. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our Visa Activation team.

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