We’ve already spun up Visa virtual cards to replace your Mastercard virtual cards. These cards will inherit all of the settings and funds of your Mastercards. Once you activate your Visa virtual cards the matching Mastercard will be deactivated.

Please make sure to transfer credit to Visa as you activate Visa virtual cards.

  1. Click into each virtual card and identify the list of vendors associated with your Mastercard virtual card.

  2. Go to each vendor and swap out the Mastercard information for your new Visa virtual card data.

  3. Activate the Visa virtual card

  4. Identify how much spend is tied to this card & move that credit line to Visa through the Transfer credit to Visa tile.

  5. Repeat with the remaining cards.

Note: There are 2 lists of virtual cards: Budget virtual cards & member virtual cards.

Member virtual cards must be activated before you can see the card data.

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