You can always access your application dashboard to check the status of your application or upload documents needed to finish the application process.

Note: Until your application has been approved, you do not have an account. Be sure to use the ‘SIGN UP’ option on the homepage to access your application status. If you try to access your application through our ‘LOGIN’ option, your contact information will not be recognized since your Divvy account has not been created.

Follow these steps to view your application status:

  1. Go to the Divvy homepage.

  2. Click the Sign Up button.

    Sign Up Button

  3. You will then be taken to the Application Dashboard. In the Business Email field, enter your email address [1]. Then click the Next button [2].

Note: If you’re prompted to enter a password, you’re in the wrong place. That is the login page for Divvy accounts. You’ll need to navigate to the Sign Up page where you’ll be prompted to enter an email and verification code.

Enter Email Address

4. Once you’ve entered your email address, you’ll need to enter an access code you receive via email.

5. Then you’ll be taken to your application dashboard where you can view the status of your application.

Note: You may need to upload documents. Click on ‘UPLOAD DOCUMENTS’ to view more information on what documents are needed and why.

View Required Documents

If a document was rejected, you may see a red ‘NEEDS REVIEW’ tag on the document tile. This will include an explanation on why the document was rejected so you can upload the appropriate document to continue your review process.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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