Cardholders will receive a mobile notification from Divvy if we notice any suspicious activity on the spender’s card. It’s important to note that Divvy automatically freezes cards linked to suspicious activity and that the cardholder will need to report the transaction and freeze or unfreeze the card.

Admins will receive an email notification of suspicious activity over all cards (not just their own) and will also be able to take action.


  • You must be on app version 1.0.48 or later to use this feature.

  • The steps below are to help guide card holders who receive mobile notifications.

  1. If you receive a notification on your mobile device regarding suspicious activity, this means the card in question has been temporarily frozen. Click on the notification to take action.

  2. By clicking on the notification, you will be taken to the Divvy mobile app. From there, you will see information about the suspicious activity, including the type of card, card name (if it’s a virtual card), last four digits of the card number, merchant, amount, date, and time of the transaction in question.

    Potential Fraud Notification

  3. If you recognize these charges, simply select the Valid transaction button and your card will return back to its active status.

  4. If you do not recognize the charges, select the Fraud button. Your frozen card will then be deactivated and you will be prompted to create a new card if you’re replacing a virtual card or order a new card if it’s a physical card.

If you have additional questions or need help with using Divvy, please view our other Help Center articles or contact the Divvy Support team.

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