What are QuickBooks Projects?

Projects are a field within QuickBooks Online that allow you to track expenses and bills to specific projects. Knowing which expenses go to which projects allows you to avoid overspending on a job, and to get an idea of how profitable each project is for you.

Projects exist only within QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced. Here is a video that describes how they work.

How do I set this up within Divvy?

The QBO Projects field is configured from within company Settings.

  1. Navigate to company Settings and select Integrations.

  2. Click the QBO Configure button.

  3. Click the Projects Configure button.

  4. Divvy will automatically bring over all Active Projects within QBO and create a matching custom field within Divvy.

  5. Make any changes you see fit, and select Done.

What happens with my inactive projects?

We will create new projects, but we don’t delete them. This means that you’ll need to remove the custom field from within Divvy once your project has been marked as inactive in QBO. Follow these instructions for updating your Divvy custom field when you need to remove any inactive projects.

How often should I update my Divvy projects?

Every time you make updates in QBO, you’ll need to make those updates in Divvy. If you add new projects, you’ll need to manually configure the integration to include those as custom fields within Divvy. If you mark any projects as inactive, you’ll need to remove those from your custom fields list.

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