You can use the Divvy Chrome Extension to make it faster and easier to find your card numbers when making purchases online.

  • Easily spend online: Instead of toggling between Divvy and other tabs in your browser, you can now find the card you want to spend from and easily copy and paste card details to complete your purchase.

  • Choose the card and budget: You can easily see all cards that you have access to spend from, and adjust the budget so you’re spending from the correct one.

Divvy Chrome Extension

To add this extension, simply navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search for Divvy. Add the extension and you're ready to go!

With the Divvy Chrome Extension, you can:

  • Login via the Chrome extension: From any tab, users can login to Divvy without having to navigate away or open a new tab.

  • Select the right budget: Users can easily review different budgets and select the correct one for their spend.

  • Click to copy: To make inputting card details faster, users can click to copy details like billing address, etc.

  • Autofill card details: For most websites, users can click here to copy card info and easily populate it in the appropriate fields.

  • Create a new virtual card: Users can easily create a new virtual card from the Chrome extension window.

We hope you enjoy faster and easier access to your cards!

Card issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC

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